My Happy Space 

There is always a blank space in life which nothing can fill. A space where there are no humans allowed, a space which no one knows about, A space where all the dark secrets are kept, hidden from the world. 
When we say that we share everything with our friends, life partners, lovers, parents, there’s always a space which they don’t know about.
Our mistakes, our injuries, our cries, our fear, our sleepless nights, our unsaid words, our unsaid feelings, its always there.
A space which is not a happy place for ourselves but we keep going back to that space to remind ourselves of all that stored in there..
A space which nothing can fill but agony, a space which slowly and  only fills with pain and hurt. Which no one knows off.
A space which makes a big part of what we are. Which is hidden from which requires us to put a mask of smile in front of others so that no question arises.


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