Journey to life 

A person in his lifetime must take a journey which he chooses for himself and no one else.

A path which he slects to know what his life’s purpose is and how to achieve it 

A journey to know himself and his destiny for one is always destined for something

A road to travel by himself and alone without anyone’s help

Awakening the spiritual side of life and enduring the life that gods have given us enjoying the nature and its beauty

Freeing the mind from the captivity of luxury and comfort and finding the meaning of life

A journey which may have hardship in the beginning but will only end with bringing happiness in life 

A person with purpose in life have a better state of mind and body and the universe will in favour of him then the person with all the riches in his life and not knowing what to do in his life 

The soul leaves the body and travels to place known as heaven or hell and all that matters to get to the destination is what is done in the life

The karma of a person decides what he is and what he will be and a good karma can only be achieved with living a worth living life and benefiting others 

The journey helps the person to achieve the purpose of life and and at the end it decides what a person is doing in life 


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