Fight within us 

There’s always a fight within us which everyone fights daily. Without letting it out in the world and dying a bit everyday and letting everyone belive that we live every moment. The fight which always we loses and it tooks a small part of us at the end. We lie there thinking about how to win, a fight that we dont even understand, a fight we dont even know anything about. 

What we know is that we just have to win on our terms and conditions and what we don’t understand is that life doesn’t goes on terms and conditions which our heart and mind don’t agree with. They have to be one the same page. The fight within us is the real fight we have to win for a happy life. The fight between what we are doing and what we want in real. This fight is what we lose daily and what takes a piece with it always. The emptyness we find within us is what we are looking to be filled but we dont know how it will be filled. 

What we seek to find happiness is to fill the emptyness within us and to do that we will have to win the fight or else we will create only more empty space within us. The day the fight ends you will find your heart and mind on the same page and that is what leads to happiness. The fight we lose daily can make us think what we really are and what we really want and that leads to win the war called life…..


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